• All the pieces are verified before delivery, in case changes are required, we will proceed as follows:
  •     Once the purchase has been made you will not be able to make cancellations or cash refunds.
    •     In case of receiving defective or damaged merchandise you have a period of 15 working days to change your piece and if it is not in stock, it will be changed as soon as we have the return of it.  For part exchanges, this applies only if the measurement is incorrect to the one requested. You must send us the picture of the product and your purchase note. Please notify us at ukkomexico@gmail.com for the exchange.

    •     We are not responsible if the gold and/or silver plating fades, since the pH of each person is different, as well as the care given to your piece.

    •     If your piece was damaged, we have repair parts exclusively from UKKO. To do so, it is necessary to send a photo of the damaged part and your ticket or payment confirmation of the order, the cost of the repair may vary depending on the damage.

    •     NO WARRANTY APPLIES to the part with evidence of misuse, broken, deformed or exposed with chemicals.

    •     In case of return of the piece, the costs will be charged to the customer including customs charges for this concept of entry to the country of origin and destination country.


      •     If we do not have the ring size you need, you should check in the ring size guide section (located in the lower menu) to find out what size ring you need. If you know, send a message to ukkomexico@gmail.com or send an inbox to instagram or facebook at @ukkomexico with the size number.

          •     To make the design and manufacture of a special piece, an advance payment of 50% must be made and the rest will be paid at the time of delivery of the piece.
          •     Once the design is accepted, it will take 20 working days to manufacture the piece, and then we will contact you for the shipment. Please, consider the manufacturing time before sending the piece, since each piece is handmade and custom made.
          •     In case you no longer want the piece and if the work has already started, the deposit will not be refunded.
          •      These pieces are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

             *We do not make replicas of other pieces or existing brands.

            •     Promotions are not cumulative and there are no refunds on products purchased.
            •     Promotions are exclusive to the dates established in them and apply only to certain product line.
            •     Our promotions apply in the online store paying with PayPal.

              •      It is important to have complete data for the reception of the purchase made. A telephone number and e-mail address will be important for your location.
              •     The charge for shipping and insurance to the destination country must be covered by the customer, including export costs to the port or airport at destination, i.e. to customs. Expenses generated up to the address or taxes when entering the destination country are not included.
              •     The jewelry will be shipped 3 business days after payment is made.
              •     Before making a purchase through the portal, the user must take into account that the selected products may not be in stock, in this case the delivery of the product will take 2 weeks for its manufacture. All purchases are subject to availability.



              •     At the moment we handle FREE SHIPPING within the Germany.
              •     If it is in another country, shipping has an additional cost.
              •     At the moment of making your purchase and having your piece ready, we will send you by mail your tracking number and a link where you will be able to track your shipment.
              •     We do not have specific days in which your piece will arrive since it depends on the courier.

                •     Prices are presented in EUROS (€). Prices are subject to change without notice.


                •     They can be bank transfer, for which we will need the complete data of the client and authorization for the charge to the card. You must send us a copy of the payment receipt to ukkomexico@gmail.com.
                •     Paypal. You can make your payment by debit or credit card. Your payment is immediately reflected in our system and we begin to process your order.

                •     All personal information provided to UKKO, whether it be name, address, credit card information, etc., will be kept secure in our system and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of this company.