Throughout her career, designer Marysol Ch has experimented with a variety of compositional elements in her pieces, as a result of her training in architecture and jewelry. Her collection includes pieces ranging from the eclectic to those that rescue characteristics of everyday life, with which she has won important awards in national and international competitions. Currently, she is consolidating the brand UKKO, which with the innovation of her designs, has proposed a new alternative in the jewelry context.

Each piece is developed from its conceptualization to its elaboration. The metal as raw material is transformed, creating organic forms, where the object assumes a second life and reveals its identity created by artisan hands.
  • 28 International Jewelry Design Competition (Mexico-2016) with the theme MEMORIA LITORAL, presenting her piece AQUAMORPHE.


  • Exhibition at the Expo Joya Pavilion in Guadalajara, at the PLATAFORMA DE DISEÑO MEXICANO (Mexico-2016).



  • 2do Free Jewelry Contest with the theme FOLCLORE AND MEXICAN TRADITIONS (Mexico-2017), with the pieces OAXACA DE MI CORAZÓN and DIJE ROSETÓN.



  •  1er WatchBo Sustainable Jewelry Design Contest with the theme ENIGMA AMAZÓNICO (Colombia-2017), with the piece RITIDOMA AMAZÓNICO, obtaining Honorable Mention.


  •  81 National Silverware Competition, Taxco (Mexico-2018), with the piece SALEN LOS DIABLOS A DANZAR, obtaining Honorable Mention.

    • Exhibition of the piece SALEN LOS DIABLOS A DANZAR at Casa Borda, Taxco (Mexico-2018).


    • 31 International Jewelry Design Competition (Mexico-2019) with the theme METAL-PIEDRA CONNECTION, presenting her piece IXHUA.